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new light

Babu Orphan Bandhu B.A. Used to read in But for many years continuously failing His relatives thought that he would pass this year, but this year he did not feel like taking the exams right.

This year was the marriage of Babu orphan Bandhu. With the grace of God, the bride received beautiful beauty. His name was Vandhavasini. But the orphan Babu had a disgust with this Hindustani name. He did not even consider his wife to be worthy in the characteristics and beauty.

But there was no limit to Harsh in the heart of Vandhasini. She considered her husband best than other men. It seemed that like a person who believed in a religion, he worshiped the statue of Lord Swaminarayan on the throne of his heart and worshiped him all the time.

Listen to the orphaned bandhi here! He did not know why he was always persecuted by all the time and with sharp words he hurt his love-minds in every possible way. In his friend's circle, he remembers that poor thing with hatred.

The day the orphan bandhu use…